Municipal Officers

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Christen Beal term expires 2024
Jean Kaye term expires 2023
Amy St. Aubin term expires 2025
Tax Collector, Certified BMV Agent
Cindy Gay
Dept of Inland Fish & Wildlife Agent
Cindy Gay

Cindy Gay

Town Clerk
Cindy Gay

Registrar of Voters
Cindy Gay

Overseer of the Poor
Cindy Gay

Road Commissioner
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Planning Board
Michael Kaye – Chair
Chris St. Aubin – Chair

Mike Laughlin
Tom Thorton
Tom Towns

Appeals Board
Victor Cardarelli
Wilma Laughlin
Tina Vaillancourt

Fire Chief/EMD
Mike Laughlin

Health Officer
Appointed – Christen Beal

Animal Control
Appointed – Stanley Mclean

Superintendent of Schools
Ronald Ramsey

School Committee
Rachel Grivois    term expires 2023
Crystal Perry term expires 2024
Alma Loughlin term expires 2025

Code Enforcement Officer
Charlie Petterson

Building Inspector
Charlie Petterson

Land Use Regulations
Charlie Petterson

Tax Assessor
Douglas Guy